Lilly Urbat Lilly Urbat

F&F Poster


Blender render with AI generated bumper stickers printed on Affiche.

42 x 59 cm, 2022


Collabo with Karin Kolb <3




Fast & Furious is one of the most successful film series of all time. Writer Joshua Gross is positively obsessed with the franchise about auto-tuning, family conflicts and CGI explosions. For Tegel Media he has written an essay and a fan fiction about his favourite cinema content.


Me and Karin Kolb presented our specific view of Fast & Furious in a walk-in video installation. We created an uneasy and disturbing remix video of the F & F movies that draws from an uncanny valley moment. This is because Paul Walker, one of the movie‘s actors, died during production and was replaced by CGI. Additionally, we created a poster series featuring AI generated bumper stickers – with prompts made out of Joshua‘s (witty) text.


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59 × 42 cm

weiß, schwarz